These are three jewelry collections based on traditional ornaments of Belarusian arts: weaving, embroidery, straw applique and paper cutting.
Perhaps the most famous and popular motif in the Belarusian ornament is Sparysh, the symbol of rich harvest and prosperity in household affairs. The word itself has a meaning of "double grain" or "double ear" and, therefore, the pattern is easy to guess the four stylized spikelet.
This token was the starting point in the creation of jewelry collection with bright national colour. Amber-yellow gold with red, black and dark blue enamel cast summer memories of the boundless rye field, of scarlet poppies burning in it and of the azure as the sultry summer sky cornflowers. It is no coincidence that the collection was called "Zhniven", in honor of the last month of summer.
The collection is based on fruit-berry-floral patterns in traditional Belarusian colors: white, red and black.
They are grouped by the imagery of wild rose, or shypshyna (en. dog rose), which are often found in the Belarusian literature and folk craft art.
As many other national cultures Belarus is not an exception to have its own kind of folk art related with paper cutting. The art of wytsinanka is a delicate lace patterns, which many belarusians know by paper snowballs adorning the windows on Christmas.
However, thematic variety of wytsinanka is much wider. Art pieces can focus both on simple floral motifs, landscapes or architectural heritage and also on complex folklore based compositions.