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    An infographic about divorce.
Final Version Divorce Poster (ACTUAL SIZE 48" x 30")
I made this infographic in an infographic class where we learned how to search and hunt for data. I decided to do Divorce because it intrigues me as one of the biggest problems in the American culture.
This idea was fueled by alot of grief on the internet, there seemed to be alot of random facts about divorce that was out there. I started to think about what was most important, i organized the information appropriately, then decided to take a look down the hierachy of data.
I decided that I could use a wedding cake to symbolize the idea of different levels of divorce. For example:
The top we begin with the most popular kind of data, a male female comparison, a very basic view.
Then we move on to the highest divorce states, a little more global view.
Then the world.
Then through time.
The theme is increasing the a more and more holistic view which is reflected in the shape of the cake. 
Below was my first pass at the poster:
The piece was finally shown with an interactive piece at a small student critique.
It was an oversized print of 48" x 30"