EBS is a Dutch public transport company located based in Purmerend. Since December 2011, EBS has been providing public services in the Waterland region, directly north of the city of Amsterdam, including the connections to and from the capital city of the Netherlands.

Many travelers start at the Waterland region and go to Amsterdam Central Station to transfer, while they can also transfer at Amsterdam North (Noord) station. For many travelers Amsterdam North has many advantages, which they are not familiar with, yet. A quiet, fast journey to the south of the capital city, without experiencing the bustle of Amsterdam Central Station.

Create awareness for the Amsterdam North station. Show travelers that this station is a perfect place to continue your journey with the North/South line (Noord/Zuidlijn). 

We've created a cross-media campaign to trigger people to switch at Amsterdam North Station to continue their journey: "Via Noord". The word 'via' is translated as 'through' or 'by the route of' in Dutch, but it also means 'route' or 'road' in Latin.

We have designed a campaign image with the gate of Amsterdam North station as the main image. Through this station you can already see the destination; so fast and quiet is your journey; you do not even realize it.

A. Original photo, shot on Wednesday, October 24th 2018 at Amsterdam North station.

B. Removed large parts and small details in Adobe Photoshop, such as the large pole in the middle, different people, the reflection in the windows, trash cans, small poles, buildings, unnecessary colors and screens in and on the subway. Added extra parts (for example the left subway front and some doors), an extra roof at the station (extend the photo) and created space available for the locations.

C. Added a black and white filter, saved the red colour from the subways. Gaussian blur from top to middle.

D. Added color bars, destinations and changeable direction signs.

The 6 different locations
Removed people and unnecessary details. Added a black and white filter and contrast:

(From left to right: RAI Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum, Vrije Universiteit and the Zuidas shot on Wednesday, October 24th 2018)

Different forms of media

Assignment on behalf of brandwebbing

Client: EBS
Concept: Nathan Roos & Rembrandt Smids
Art Direction & Designer: Nathan Roos
Photography: Nathan Roos
Copywriter: Rianne van Capelle, Rembrandt Smids & Nathan Roos
Planning & media export: Rianne van Capelle
Video animation: Jesse Schuuring
Webdesign & development: EBS
Logo design EBS: Desenho Vormgeving (2012)
Logo design Station Noord: Nathan Roos
Published: November 2018 - Januari 2019

Via Noord
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Nathan Roos

Via Noord

A new cross-media concept for transport company EBS, for the Noord/Zuidlijn