*green is easy
Graphic Design II
Create a brand identity and collateral series for a social campaign of my choosing.
I wanted to focus on a campaign that people of all ages could participate in and feel like they are making a difference. Many people are aware of environmental issues, but they don't believe one person can do much to change the situation. Thus I chose to depict simple, easy ways that anyone can be environmentally friendly. The designs are easy to understand, have a clear call to action, and illustrate the impact of one simple change.
The logo is straightforward and easy to understand, just like the brand and campaign.
Posters should be put in areas where the objects shown are used. One encouraging the use of reusable bags should be in a shopping district, one for CF light bulbs should be in area that uses many lights, etc.
The animation features a catchy tune and simple behavioral changes to help the environment.