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    Advanced Hospitality
Situated in a former Victorian asylum north of London, CrazyBeautiful is a conceptual attempt to reconcile a building's dark and sombre past with productive and relevant, programming. Rather than ignoring the buildingís former life as an asylum, CrazyBeautiful embraces it, employing black humor when drawing parallels between insanity and societyís obsession with the pursuit of beauty. The proposed project is a beauty resort—part hospitality and part hospital—that provides a luxurious and private retreat for the patron-patients pursuing aesthetic perfection through plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures. While the design focuses on guest rooms and a restaurant, these features are only a small fraction  of the proposed programming, which would include additional lodging, cosmetic surgery facilities, a fitness center, and a variety of spa and salon services.
The floor plan for this project was adapted from a partial plan of Princess Park Manor, luxury condominiums that inhabit what was once Colney Hatch Asylum. The design was influenced by symmetry (perhaps the most important facet of beauty), Victorian asylum aesthetics, perfect circles, and two famously "crazy/beautiful" women—Marie Antoinette and Ophelia.