Grip was conceived by INDG as a piece of software that produces photography for ordinary products semi-automatically. It needed a name, an identity and a creative strategy.
Working with so-called 'ordinary' objects is always the hardest. Sofas, balloons, mixers, pants, cars, fonts, ropes, children, kettles and paint are ordinary because thousands of dedicated people worked on them for several hundred years. So good luck doing anything new.
Shuka produced a simple, effective and graceful identity, as is their custom. Braunesque, surely, in both essence and presentation.
Several brilliant website versions by Alex Yurkov were, sadly, rejected for resource reasons. As I'm writing this, is still an MVP at best. Still, within Grip there is more push towards style support. Decent assets appear, like the brilliant video at the top (done by Paula Spagnoletti, Anuar Zhumaev and Javier Miranda Nieto.
Preceding the first major deals with Heineken and Nivea, Grip had to be demoed with fake FMCG products. Their witty recognizable design is courtesy of Illarion Gordon's. The renders have been made by Fil Gorbachev. naming, branding, assets, creative strategy