Kwabena Boateng aka Macntaj is a 26 year old rapper/vocalist of Ghanian descent, currently based in Seattle, WA.

He can be heard on a slew of electronic crossover collabs with artists like Bassnectar, ƱZ, Kai Wachi, Brillz, and Black Tiger Sex Machine to name a few. He also has several notable hip hop releases that have been published by the likes of XXL, Revolt TV, ESPN, High Snobiety and Hip Hop DX.
Macntaj has also taken refuge in places like Philadelphia, Mississippi and South Sacramento's notorious Garden Blocc neighborhood. He routinely reflects on his childhood traumas and experiences in songs like Deception, Bodied and Lightwaves.
The t-shirt model was designed in both gold and silver gradients, creating a deluxe depth effect, while featuring Macntaj's sleek logo carved in gold and silver bricks that cover the tiger's eyes, altering his vision and integrity - a metaphor to today's money-driven society.
I've reached out to Macntaj several times before defining a project. The t-shirt models were a sincere gift, in light of my immense respect for his music. He seemed to appreciate it and nothing makes me happier - he's one of my favorite artists.
Client quote: Man I appreciate this, thank you so much brother. It means a lot.
Timestamp: October 2018