Szirom ice cream & specialty coffee
During the summer heat, Budapest became one cozy ice cream shop richer.
Located on a bustling thoroughfare in Buda, the cute new addition makes delicious ice cream in all kinds of flavors. Their specialty is the flower shaped ice cream scoop, which everybody can now enjoy in Buda too, not only in Pest. 
The owners are a mother and daughter duo with several years of hospitality experience, and they named their new project after the signature flower scoops: Szirom (Petal)
This name also directed the logo content, which was drawn in a naive style, to avoid being too direct. It was a request  - as they would be open all year round, not just in peak ice cream season - to show their other strengths in the logo: fresh brewed coffee.
We chose four complementary pastel colors that match both the interior and the graphic elements too. 
As the shop is a small place it was designed very functionally, but you can still find a cozy space to sit at the window - in the winter on the inside, and in the summer, outside.
In addition to the basic elements - loyalty card, business card and ice cream paper - we designed the business portal where the logo was hand-painted.
The typography of Szirom is handdrawn as well which we combined with a neutral, simple font.
Founder: Szirom - Konkoly Kriszta and Szilágyi Erzsébet
Interior designer: Bertóty Eszter
Graphic designers: Ghyczy Dia and Máté Dani
Interior photographer: Jaksa Bálint
Set photographer: Neogrády-Kiss Barnabás
Szirom ice cream & specialty coffee design