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    "what's wrong with me?" is a collection of linocuts and etchings I made in 2010.
what's wrong with me?
what I do when I don't care (I)
what I do when I don't care (II)
I have a new haircut
hewn/crazy/fucked up

I wish I knew if everybody
is as hewn
(pl. hewn means also crazy/fucked up)
as me...
I am normal
fuck! it's not true!!!
I a m normal!
not so PRIMA ballerina
the cross
I have heard everybody
has to carry ones cross.
(but why is mine so irregular?)
generally fucked up

generally fucked up/ generally a dickness
chuj = dick
chujnia= a noun meaning a fucked up situation; a dickness
how it really works
black holes
I'm very happy
come on life!
it's not good
...but I really
...but I really would like to do SOMETHING!!
love me

I was gonna (do) this and that here and there
and as usual, motherfucker, the plan is done in 0%.
minds cancer
the way
take care (I)
take care (II)
take care (III)
don't even try to touch me...
take care (IV)
I can bite (of)!!!