New York City / A Love Letter

5 Days Of New York City
Florence and the Machine - The end of love
After everything I've seen in the last two years, NYC has always been a destination I wanted to visit at the right time, maybe
even with the right person. There was always this magical feeling about going here and I was a bit afraid, not living up to my expactations, feeling-wise but also photography-wise. Last week i decided to book a flight super spontaneously after struggling
about personal stuff. So, this is how I see NYC: 

We were reaching in the dark
That summer in New York
And it was so far to fall?
But it didn't hurt at all
And let it wash away, wash away
And in a moment of joy and fury I threw myself
In the balcony like my grandmother so many years before me
I've always been in love with you
Could you tell it from the moment that I met you?