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    A great visual documentation based on careful historical research about graphics evolution, change and redesign of 60 of the leading Italian bran… Read More
    A great visual documentation based on careful historical research about graphics evolution, change and redesign of 60 of the leading Italian brands. The issue cut across a variety of audiences because, beyond simple graphic closely, is a dip in the memories, in the imaginary collective made ​​up of scooters, ice-cream, washing machines and sparkling wines; is also the contribution to the deepening and enhancement of industrial history and Italian graphic. Read Less
Any business enterprise is constantly subject outside pressure. Ever changing scenarios are perhaps the most decisive factor affecting a corporation. There are many facets to the quickened pace of modern day changes. Life-styles, legal standards, competitive practice, economic growth, corporate size, legal status and structure are just some of the areas in which rapid changes are occurring. To meet the challenge a corporation must be ready to make changes itself. It may decide to undertake a new line of business, give itself a new organisation, innovate its products, or seek new distribution channels through mergers or by horizontal integration. The price paid for these changes is often a lose of a distinct corporate identity, once clearly acknowledged by the business community. Revision of a firms visual identity often plays an essential role in the backing up a change in its choice of business strategy with considerable advantages to management for its operations in a highly competitive market. In other circumstances an improvement in product or services may also call for a revision of a firm’s visual identity. Like any other invention, a trade-mark is linked to the age in which it was created but this does not mean it is out-dated. To these firms their image is a form of accumulated capital that they are loath to dissipate. Their trade-mark is a guarantee and time works in their favour. Of course, a historically acclaimed success story is a legacy for those who possess it, whereas the future, at least in theory, is there for the pickings. The 60 case hystories are: Agip, Alfa Romeo, Algida, Alitalia, Alpitour, Ansaldo, Ariston, Autobianchi, Autogrill, Banca di Roma, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Banco di Napoli, Banco di Sardegna, Barilla, Benetton, Birra Peroni, Buitoni, Caffarel, Campari, Candy, Cinzano, Cirio, Costa Crociere, Enel, Facis, Ferrari, Ferrero, Ferrovie dello Stato, Fiat, Fincantieri, Galbani, Generali, Gilera, Granarolo, Illy, Indesit, Innocenti, Iveco, Lancia, Locatelli, Magneti Marelli, Montedison, Moto Guzzi, Olivetti, Osram, Pavesi, Perfetti, Perugina, Piaggio, Pirelli, Plasmon, Poste Italiane, Rai, Rex, Sisley, Standa, Star, Stefanel, Telecom, Versace.
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