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This book explores the idea of life as an open story, a story that can be read starting from the start or from the end, crossing the common ground between science and poetry through 101 poems (reversible number representing this endless cycle)

The red color has an special role; representing a pulse of life, the blood that moves through the veins of the book. Likewise, this colors surrounds the work of a religious and mystical climate, which gives it a certain solemnity and helps to create interest and contrast. 

‘Vida’ (‘Life’) is a scientific and poetic book, simple and complex, open and closed. A place to reflect on life from a poetic point, or to reflect on poetry from a vital point of view.

The book uses two different types of paper to separate the different sections. The first 60gr reminds the bible paper; evoking the mystic aura if the book and creating or completing meanings through transparency. The second, Sunken Pure Rough 170gr, is a paper that, together with illustrations and texts, takes us to the world of the artist’s sheet.

The odd an even pages of the book are understood as a whole, where text and image form a sheet that is understood as an unique piece and as a part of the total of the work. 

Text and image composition varies every certain number of pages, forming the verses of a poem that hides within the content of the book.

This poem is formed with one or several words from the texts that accompany the illustrations. This words are highlighted in red, creating a thread through the pages of the book and joining all together in the a last poem.

The final piece is composed, as a poem and as some kind of index, where the numbers leave a record that allow to jump to any point of the book.

It has been produced a first limited and numbered edition of 101 book. Each books has been intervened with a handmade illustration from the artist Jordi Abelló, turning each book in an unique specimen.​​​​​​​




Vida is a book illustrated by Jordi Abelló, wrote by Aleix Cort and designed by DOMO–A.