Pechersk School International​​​​​​​
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Pechersk School International​​​​​​​
Architecture: Archimatika
Project type: School
Timeline: 2015 - 2017
Status: Construction completed, commissioned
Total space: 6 527 sq.m
Location: Ukraine, Kyiv, 7a Zabily St
Architects: Aleksandr Popov, Olga Chernova, O. Chubarov, N. Volina, S. Kravchenko​​​​​​​ 
Interior design: SVOYA studio

Awards and recognitions:
2019​​​​​​​ Nominee in EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award
2018-2019 European Property Awards - Best Public Service Architecture
2018 Build School Project: Diploma of Union of Architects of Russia - High-quality architecture of a school building ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
2018 Ukrainian Urban Awards - 1 Prize in Architecture of public objects
2017 DLW Flooring - Best Education Project

PSI combines students from 40 countries. This was the starting point for the development of the project concept. The school has large classrooms, transformable spaces of the assembly and sports halls, rooms for drama and extracurricular activities.

- We took several elements from the architecture of old buildings and transferred them to the new one to combine different styles, different ages and different architecture. These were the number of stories, beige and brown colors
- We used new materials as the basis for the new building and added several new bright colors
- Unconventional solutions for the organization of the school’s space became a response to the new academic program. Since this school devotes substantial attention to theatrical art, sports and off-school activities, we designed multifunctional zones for it
- The school’s large gymnasium features retractable seating which can accommodate many spectators during various events and has a special partition which can divide the gym into two parts for simultaneous use by different groups
- The area between the buildings is broken down in several grounds with an amphitheater for senior and junior students
- The assembly hall represents a transformable space with a mobile stage and movable lighting for various stage adaptations
- Thanks to a heat pump, the schools’ building have the almost fully autonomous heating system
- We have developed a 6D operating model of the building, along with its dispatch control and mechanization, to control performance and monitor maintenance of all engineering systems

Facts and details:
- The school has an auditorium called Black Box for theater classes. In this auditorium, all walls, the floor, and ceiling are black for better perception of stage effects
- The school’s new building requires less heat supply from the city main thanks to a heat pump
- The school has large, 90-100 sq.m classrooms
Pechersk School International​​​​​​​

Pechersk School International​​​​​​​

PSI combines students from 40 countries. This was the starting point for the development of the project concept. The school has large classrooms, Read More

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