A collection of my Dribbble shots
I kept a certain palette in mind when designing these various UI. I created these with usability in mind, making assets as legible and as spaced out as possible.

Some were created with demo versions of Framer, most with Sketch and/or Adobe Illustrator.
First Shot: My first shot thanking my coworker for inviting me to Dribbble!
Made with Adobe After Effects.
Daily UI 001 -- Sign Up --
Made in Sketch,
Built on Code Pen with HTML, CSS, and jQuery. 
See it live: https://codepen.io/catcarbonell/full/pKXXGq/
Daily UI 002 -- Checkout --
 A checkout view.
Made with a demo version of Framer
Daily UI 003 -- Landing --
 for a potential cupcake customizer app.
 Made with a demo version of Framer.
Daily UI 004 -- Calculator --
 an elegant interface for a tip calculator.
 Made using a demo version of Framer.
Daily UI 005 -- App Icon --
 a friend wanted a custom icon to match his phone's interface,
 inspired by the game Persona 5 (Atlus).
 Made with Adobe Illustrator.
Daily UI 006 -- Profile --
 Inspired by Sailor Moon (profile picture),
showcasing the level of my Japanese literacy.
Made with Sketch.
Daily UI 007 -- Dashboard --
 I thought of what was the most basic needs for an app dashboard,
 featuring my favorite Animal Crossing villager: Goldie.
Made with Sketch.
Daily UI 008 -- 404 --
 Inspired by broken cliff and the end of the road.
Made with Adobe Illustrator.
Daily UI 009 -- Music Player --
 Had a bit of nostalgia and created a cassette tape.
 Made with Adobe Illustrator.

Daily UI 010 -- Social Share --
 Wanted to reinvent the share icon.
 Made with Adobe Illustrator.

Daily UI 011 -- Success -- 
A success message when catching a Pokémon. 
Pokéball designed with Adobe Illustrator, UI mock in Sketch
Instagram Pokéball Sticker
esigned with Adobe Illustrator
My Dribbble Shots

My Dribbble Shots

Mobile design-centric UI, a few vector illustrations