Promotional poster for the exhibition "Substantia" held by the art collective Hysterical Minds (2013),
Poster ad for the live gig of Juan Rozoff & Marta Ochando (2014).
Ad poster for the performance "Las Otras" by the theatre company Avista Cía (2014).
Artistic collective Hysterical Minds exhibition at the Parallax Art Fair in London, 2012.
Promotional poster of a self exhibition at Ocio in Murcia, Spain (2010).
Promotional poster of a fictional action movie, developed for a tutorial at PSD Tuts+ (Envato), which is available here.
Promotional poster for a The Manhattan project even (NYC).
Advertising poster for the global demonstration/protest of the October 15th (Global Revolution - United for Global Change), which was hosted almost worldwide. Poster design for the promotion of the events in Spain. This is the sample for the city of Murcia but the design was used nationwide.
Branding and poster design for promotional events of the citizen movement "15M"in Murcia, Spain.
Ad poster for the performance "La Rosy" by the company La prophete a velo (2014).
Advertising poster for a solidary concert of the PAH movement in Murcia, Spain.
Self-promotional poster for thw workshop "Illustrate yourself" at La Exprimidora Castellón (Spain, 2014).
Advertising for Cepsa via Sra. Rushmore agency (2012).
Advertising poster for the act "El sueño de Segismundo" by the company La chimenea escénica (2015).
Self-promotional poster for the sympsosyum "Art & Psychology" held by the university UDIMA (Spain, 2013).