• Corporate identity for the vintage store Crows' Nest. Inspiration was vintage wrought signs and wheathervanes. To reproduce vintage style we've used natural materials, textured and kraft paper. Monochrome black printing supplements warm shades of stationery. As a brand graphic there were chosen illustrations of black crows and feathers.

    Pavel Emelyanov - art direction, design, set design, photography
    Valery Golubzov - illustrations

    paper - Elation Natural White and Archival (240 g), kraft paper (90 g)
    wood - pine, asp
    background - cork Wicanders Bali
    cord - binder twine
    Crow's nests are built of dry wood twigs and lined with fur, grass, feathers. Crows are very intelligent birds. Observed that if a crow finds nut in shell, she throws it on the road and waits for the car to be crushed, and then quietly eats it.
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