The history of RiNet company began in 1995. Today it is an experienced and professional provider, servicing several districts in Moscow. The company’s strategy is to provide maximally high-quality service, to be a really close and neighbourly provider, in contrast to telecommunication giants. RiNet values each client.
Brand idea: Provider with a human face. 
In 2010 we developed positioning for the company and conducted a communication campaign. In 2012 we began to renew the whole visual system of the brand.
Like in the majority of Russian businesses, founded in 90-s, RiNet visual style has been taking shape spontaneously and non-systematically. It’s high time to renew and actualize the visual image of the brand. RiNet is a relatively small provider, and its communications are, mainly, of local nature.  The brand doesn’t need great and expensive promotional campaigns, its “territory” is client’s houses, cafes and shops in the serviced districts, small city-formats. Such peculiarities of communications made the development of the visual system complicated and interesting.
01. It is necessary to reflect clearly and plainly the brand idea “Provider with a human face” and the communication vector of the brand “Personification” (attention, personal interest, concern, humaneness)
02. A strong identification element must appear in the style
03. The brand must become bright, outstanding in the saturated environment
04. The style must be plain and appropriate for further independent use by inhouse designers
We preserved RiNet logotype, adding more modern features to it. The style forming graphic element is a careful hand of RiNet. It is always near and always in motion: it helps, supports, gives, shows. Such non-standard embodiment of a brand-character best of all shows the character features of RiNet: friendship, openness and care about the client.  “Animate” character makes the communication resource boundless: the style may be easily and simply developed in product and image promotion.
Project by Plenum

Brand Consultant Tatyana Kharitonova.
Brand Analyser Katerina Palshina.
Art Director Egor Myznik.
Designers Marianna Katina, Elena Bean.
Project Manager Pavel Nesterenko.