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    Here's a selection of works made by my students.
I would like to present below a selection of works made by my students for the exam of the Graphic Design course that i have taught at IED (European Institute of Design) at the end of 2012.
The objectives.
The course aims to increase the design freedom by offering to students a working method in which the physical and material aspects are fundamental elements of the project. The goal is to reduce the role of computers in design tool, encouraging the use of different techniques such as paper cutting, anamorphosis, dioramas, light graffiti, etc.
Content of the course.
The recent design trends increasingly rejects the "all-digital" design, as it lacks of originality and uniqueness. After a review of the most significant european case histories, the course has proposed a three-dimensional non-digital workshop for the realization of a poster campaign 70x100 for NikeiD, the online service for the customization and the purchase of sneakers.
Lecturers: Andrea Castelletti, Romeo Traversa
Duration of the course: 30 hours
NikeiD - Your Nike Your Heart
Art Direction/Copywriting:
Margherita Galloni, Gaia Garufi, Roberta Pezzi, Enrico Puglielli
Photographer: Neri Oddo
NikeiD - Mirror of yourself
Anna Botta, Nadia Charif, Chiara Giaminardi
Nike iD - Body painting
Art Direction/Copywriting:
Ricardo Hernàndez, Silvia Plebani, Francesco Pucci, Giuseppe Rodano
Hans Leopold Helm
Edoardo Velicskov, Giada Anais Carnevali
Body Painter:
Martina Sacchi
NIKEiD - Just You
Art Direction/Copywriting:
Arianna Gambirasio, Fabrizio Grillo, Eleonora Ori, Luca Paternoster
Alessandra Riccioli
Nike iD - Face
Art Direction/Copywriting:
Elisa Stagnoli, Sharon Strada, Giacomo Viapiana
Photographer: Nadia Charif, Carlo Marchisi
Nike iD - Refraction
Art Direction: 
Riccardo Bellei, Tito Zappalà, Hans Leopold Helm, Sara Ciusani
Giuseppe Muschio Schiavone