Logo for our Aberdeen Muslim Women's Association. Here I'm showing my ideas / final logo / different versions & stationary layout.
 Original sketches / ideas on Adobe Illustrator. From the top left I wanted to make it look like a dome with the letters strung together but the design wasnt very aesthetic or easily readable.. I also wanted to add some geometric Islamic style..but with a girly touch..
Then I was trying out different fonts and thats when I close to my final design. The bottom right is my final design tweaking on Illustrator. The font is Albertino. I thought of making it similar to a mosque by making the rounded tops domes and the w a minaret.
 This is my final logo. I moved the vector into photoshop to tweak the drops into dots & a cresent moon.
Logo with the flower design as an alternate version. The flower would add a feminine touch. 
 Logo with a dome shape as background in different versions.