Tearing Out
Tearing Out
Cover up your real face with your beautiful skin
Cover up your real face with your beautiful skin, it means if you see someone so kind or so good, you cannot judge him/her by the first meeting, so you have to see through his/her mind, probably, you will see something you do not want to face from someone you have entirely trusted.

I used the word tear because I want to manifest the feeling when you tear a sheet of paper for unwrapping a present meanwhile you may thinkThis gift wrapping paper is so beautiful, I will see a great stuff inside also! Unfortunately, there is no great thing inside, I just got the thing that I do not like to own.
Tearing Out
- music and lyrics by Tarin Yuangtrakul


Look into her eyes
Look at her smile
She's becoming so pretty

When she walks into my place
And she's trying to spin my head
I'm becoming so blurred (I don't want to face you again)

Tearing out
Tearing out
Tearing out
her face

She's wearing the mask that she's made
I don't rely on what she said
Suddenly, I turn back to run
My trust is fading away
Featured in Community Gallery, Advanced Photoshop issue 76