Dissoziation - host and alters. 6 digital paintings
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    Dissoziation - host and alters. 6 digital paintings
Dissoziation (host and alters). 6 Digital paintings
He seems to know what people think, it is uncanny.
I decided to disregard the warnings.
"My father has a very kind  personality.
He always finds a way to surprise me".
She solved the problem precisely as the teacher expected.
She detected some mistakes and rectified them all.
Certain jobs involve a high degree of mental pressure.
He found it difficult to dissociate his private life from his job.
A certain path, a certain script, is looped into his brain.
His family did not want to mention the controversial topic.

Se had an ambivalent relationship with men.
Her daily production of love letters increased up to three.
The overall development is positive.