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    "Ning (You)" lyrics and video.
Ning (You)
Composition, lyrics, arrangement, and singing by Michelle Ning Lo

The silent stars focus their light
Spraying a mist of peace onto you
My quiet guitar collects all sounds
Playing a serene tune, blanketing you

The peaceful breathing, the peaceful thoughts
Calm the sad showers, calm you and me

Your serene eyes and silent heart make my storms quiet down 
You, for you I hide my pain 
For you, I become peace

Your peaceful personality quiets down all noises
Our peaceful love calms you and me

Your serene voice and peaceful words calm my temper
You, for you I forget my sorrows
For you, I become peace

You, you, for you I become peace

Your serene nature and peaceful sweetness stops my tears from flowing
You, for you I keep a truthful heart
For you, I become peace

Peaceful you and I

-羅寗 Michelle Ning Lo