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Illustrations 2018
Various illustrations 

Pismo Magazine cover illustration, October issue, 2018
"Nostalgy" (cover variant #2 with overlap)
Pismo Magazine, May issue, 2018
"George Church"
Pismo Magazine, June issue, 2018
"Teresa, Orphan number 18066"
Pismo Magazine, July issue, 2018
"Zadie Smith, Bathroom"
Pismo Magazine, June issue, 2018
"Martha Nussbaum"
Pismo Magazine, November issue, 2018
"Anita Dolly Panek"
Przewodnik Katolicki Magazine
"A good enough Dad"
Man with the red face
The Sleeper
Basketball 1-6
Marta Kisiel -  Pierwsze słowo / UROBOROS Publishing house
book cover

Tom Wolfe -  Najlepsi / AGORA Publishing house
book cover

Dariusz Kortko, Marcin Pietraszewski -  Cena nieważkości / AGORA Publishing house
book cover

Marie Lu - Warcross / PAPIEROWY KSIĘŻYC Publishing house
book cover

Dracula (1931)
Raging Bull
Punisher (2017)
The Lobster
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Illustrations 2018

Illustrations 2018