History Here - Windows Phone 7 Application Design

Who says history has to be boring? History is all around you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are. With the History Here app from the History channel you will discover history in a whole new way.

The History here app uncovers exciting and relevant historical points of interest in your immediate vicinity. Basic POI data displayed along with rich, immersive content from the History channel in the form of in-depth articles, photos and video that relates to the location. User-defined filters let you personalize the experience, you can own History the way you want to. An additional 'exploration" mode allows you to take a virtual trip to any area in the U.S. beyond your current location position - you can explore and visit historic points of interest in the U.S. location of your choosing.
Original design work branding the phone application
Updated artwork to reflect the on air branding of the History Channel applied to the Windows Phone app.