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    "Escape" was concieved after a walk through Toronto's financial district and the buildings in the piece are based on photo's I've taken there. Wh… Read More
    "Escape" was concieved after a walk through Toronto's financial district and the buildings in the piece are based on photo's I've taken there. Whether we want to be or not, all of us are affected in some way by corporations and the decisions made at their highest levels. For that reason, the windows of the building have been done in mirror paint. In today's world, corporate influence is inescapable and as you look at this piece, you become aware of your place within it. The clouds in the background represent our dreams for a better future. While I don't profess to have all the answers, I do believe a better future is possible. You are more than a spectator and you are as much a part of the future as you are the present. Read Less
Escape, Mixed Media, 43 x 63 x 4 
Of all my artwork, this was by far the most difficult to photograph. This was taken in the frame shop. You can see a lot of reflection in the mirrors.
Most of my artworks start with photographs I've taken. 
I'll often photocopy segments of my design multiple times, cut them out and even paint them to make the lines more apparent.
Of all the buildings I'd shot, I played around with various combinations until I settled upon this. 
I took this while standing at the end of my fathers dock. 
With the design complete, the first thing I did was paint a 40 x 60 foam core panel with iridescent pearl paint. You can't see the paint being applied here due to the sun.
Next, I had  a 40 x 60  mirror version of the clouds printed up and using tracing paper, I carbon transferred the image to an acid free matboard.
Using an x-acto knife, I then cut the clouds out of the matboard.
 I then added mica paste to all of the clouds with a small palette knife.
This product needs a day or two to dry and requires three to four coats before the surface is completely covered.
Once all of the mica had been added and dried, I painted around the sides with the same paint I used to cover the foam core (iridescent pearl).
In order to know where to place everything, I lay the plexiglass over a non-mirrored 40 x 60 version of the clouds. Because plexiglass is so flexible, I decided to use silicone to glue the clouds to it.
With the middle panel complete, it was time to start on the buildings.
After laying tempered glass over a 40 x 60 stencil of the buildings, I began to apply mirror paint. It's best to leave several hours between coats and it requires about four of them to completely cover the area.
With the mirror paint fully applied and dry, I then used an x-acto knife to scrap away excess paint and to sharpen all the edges.
To keep the buildings from getting lost in the piece I used a marker to highlight the edges of each window.
This shot shows the reflective properties of the mirror paint. It isn't easy to work with, but I love the end result.
After framing the piece, I drove it to Grand Rapids, Michigan and installed it in the Fountain Street Church for ArtPrize 2012.