CITIES TOKYO シティーズとうきょう
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    Searching, playing, and a little Learning. This is Map picture book "Cities' tokyo" Publisher : Shobunsha Publications, Inc. Due to the spread … Read More
    Searching, playing, and a little Learning. This is Map picture book "Cities' tokyo" Publisher : Shobunsha Publications, Inc. Due to the spread of the Internet, recently even opportunities to read and understand maps by themselves are decreasing even for adults. In such a time, it is a picture book made by receiving a request from a map company, wanting to make a picture book that children can puff up imagination and be excited while watching the map. In order to make you feel more familiar, aliens are made to appear as guide characters, but the main character is a reader to the last. You can enter and explore to the city of the illustration with the navigation alien Tabby, every minute. And searching for things, discovering only for yourself, having some learning, feeling like actually going on a trip, It would be grateful if you could. From the publisher : We want to make a map that Everyone enjoy by looking all the time without being bored. that also can be used as an interi Read Less
CITIES TOKYO シティーズ とうきょう

Searching, Playing, and a little Learning. -This is a map picture book.
Publisher : Shobunsha Publications, Inc.

さがして、あそんで、ちょっとまなべる地図絵本 / 昭文社

Recently, due to the spread of the Internet, opportunities to read and understand maps are getting less for both children and adults. In such times, we received a request from a map company to make a book which would allow children to expand their imagination and initiate excitement through looking at maps.
In order to make the book appealing and fun for children we created aliens as ‘guide characters.’ The main character is also a reader.
Using the ‘navigating alien,’ Tabby, children can explore the city of illustrations all the while searching for suggested items, making their own discoveries, learning a little and hopefully feeling like they would actually like to take a trip somewhere themselves.

From the publisher: We want to make a map that everyone will enjoy and not tire of. We hope that the book can be used as an interior accessory and that children may use is as a gateway to map reading. We also hope that by introducing small children to maps it will prompt Shobunsha to think harder about future map books.

There are two types of map:
1. Destination type map (or ‘Strider’) that emphasizes the accuracy used for directions.
2. Excursion type map (or ‘Stroller’) that can extend the imagination while getting to know the characteristics of a city.

This book is an example of the second type- Excursion type map (or ‘Stroller’).


Tabby and Mappy- an investigator and an assistant respectively.
They are from the star called ‘City.’ They are investigating while travelling around various stars. They explore Tokyo, the capital city of Japan.
They encounter various people in the city. People are working, playing, walking, eating etc.


First, we thought of the stories, characters and flat plan.
Next, we picked up various buildings, facilities, stores, examples of transportation to make up the city.
We created a logo of the same world view that matches the content/illustrations in the book.


The book explores the 9 areas of Tokyo in turn.


In each area, the reader can try to find people and items. There are check points and requests from people in the city. Some examples are Cosplay girls, a rookie robot who got lost, a trumpeter in a marching band, a ninja climbing a building and a signboard.

コスプレしたオタク女子、道に迷った新人ロボット、鼓笛隊のトランペット、植木屋、愛の告白、ビルを登る忍者、ビルの看板 など。

There is a report after every 3 areas.


In the Investigation Reports, extra quests are given. Readers must look for shopping coupons, a ninja’s throwing stars, soccer balls, horse signs, building cleaners, people sunbathing, street musicians, part-time character mascots taking a break, etc.

WANTED​​​​​​​ : 

The reader must look for naughty aliens.

Answers :
Spread pages :
A big TOKYO illustrated poster is attached.

Searching, Playing, and a little Learning. 
This is a map picture book called "CITIES TOKYO"
Publisher : Shobunsha Publications, Inc.

さがして、あそんで、ちょっとまなべる地図絵本 『シティーズとうきょう』 / 昭文社