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  • Covidien Packaging Wizard
  • A medical equipment and supply company, Covidien produces and distributes a tremendous variety of surgical instruments, materials and health care products. Many of these products are extremely specific and all are highly regulated, meaning that uniquely detailed packaging, including distinct disclaimers and legal symbols, must be manually created for every single product variation. Additionally, in order to comply with expiration dating regulations, every package must also be printed on demand as orders are received, making the entire packaging process extremely labor and resource intensive. 

    In order to streamline this procedure, BrandWizard worked with Covidien’s existing inventory and relational product structure to create and pilot a custom Packaging Wizard. By grouping products according the material, shape and size of their packaging, we were able to create a base set of packaging templates, each of which can be customized for applicable product reference numbers using a standardized set of regulatory images, labels, product names and descriptions. Once a package has been generated for a specific product, it can easily be accessed for reprinting, automatically updating expiration dates and other time-sensitive information.
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