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Colouring Heaven: World of Anime Special
When Anthem Publishing asked if Collateral Damage Studios would like to do a new edition for Colouring Heaven, we took up the opportunity. This time, instead of Desti handling the entire art direction, Zi Rong was also roped in to come up with some designs of his own.
The focus of this book is to cover grounds that we didn't manage to cover in the previous book. The main themes are popular Japanese character archetypes, cultural arts, festivals, places and anime tropes. 
These are some of the designs that we done for the book!
Character Archetypes
2 of 40: Samurai
39 of 40: Yakuza
Japanese Cultural Arts
4 of 40: Kabuki
8 of 40: Tea Ceremony
10 of 40: Kimono
19 of 40: Wa Loli
13 of 40: Setsubun
15 of 40: Tanabata
23 of 40: Akihabara
38 of 40: Tokyo Tower
36 of 40: Merlion

Yes, we included Merlion because I'm hoping that if we do a third book, we can shift the focus to Singapore.
On top of the designs, we also provided some basic write-ups on the themes that we designed for. We hope that these short write-ups will be educational for coloring book fans who are not familiar with Japan or anime!

Account Manager : KC Ng
Art Direction: Desti and Low Zi Rong
Additional assistance: Cherie Tay
Copywriting: KC Ng and Koh Xin Tian
Colouring Heaven: World of Anime Special

Colouring Heaven: World of Anime Special

We did a new line of artworks for Anthem Publishing's Colouring Heaven featuring various cultural tropes from Japan.