Date: November, 2011    Type: School Project
Handbook for Digital Media Students at Griffith University(QCA Gold Coast)
Griffith University is an international university, and we— 2nd year students—were assigned to create a handbook to make the transition easier for the future 1st year students.

My concept behind “The Manual” was to present Griffith University as IKEA does with it's products. So i decided to create an instruction manual to help the future students put their university lives together.

To accomplish this I drew all of the illustrations in an isometric perspective—a well known perspective for instruction manuals(i.e. IKEA). I added a color for each chapter and used two different shades of that color in the illustrations. Keeping it all coherent, clean and easy to navigate through.

The illustrations were later on used in the published handbook for the QCA students in the year 2012.