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    Fictional campaign for Red Cross
Date: May, 2009    Type: School Project
"What if it happend in your neighbourhood?"
This assignment was completed in may 2009, not too long after the earthquake in Haiti and flood in Japan. It was an open assignment "do as you wish"... I wanted to create a design brief for myself that would have a real impact on peoples lives. I decided to create a campaign for Red Cross, posing the question what if it happened in your neighbourhood? To visually display this thought I created a panoramic image, picturing Trondheim Square. But instead of its normal quiet charm, this image was manipulated to look like the whole square had been distroyed by an earthquake. Step out of the panoramic stand and you'll see the same square you probably walk by every day without having a second glance. What if it happened to your neighbourhood?

I also created stickers for the sliding doors of the town shopping mall. When the doors are open you see the exit as it should be, and always has been. When the doors close however the horrifying image of an imposing flood appears before you.