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    The Red House is a short silent comic that follows the journey of a trailblazer who losses his way in a vast forest
The Red House follows the journey of a trailblazer who's lost his way in a vast forest.
On his search for a way out he stumbles upon a series of mysterious phenomenons,
which lead him to change his course and eventually bring him to a surreal encounter. 


Early searches for visual subjects, along with a main character, before the visual concept was decided upon

The Red House is somewhat based on one of my previous shorter comics which goes by the same name and displays similar themes. Bellow are two spreads from this shorter comic which is read right to left.

The red house was produced as a graduation project at Bezalel academy of arts and design in Jerusalem
with the help and guidance of Gilad Seliktar. Working on a textless comic this long was an interesting challenge and I would absolutely wish to work on an even longer one in the near future.

Thanks for watching!