Date: June, 2012    Type: School Project
«Please Rewind before use»
Rewind is a fictional T-Shirt brand. The concept behind Rewind is to bring back the era where VHS-rentals still existed with those “Please rewind before returning the video”-signs at the counter.
Rewind wants to “rewind” the costumer back to their childhood, “pause” that state of mind and "fastforward" it to the present. Hence the name and logo.
The t-shirt designs are different illustrations that relates to the era and/or a favorite something from your childhood, i.e. comic=lucky luke, favorite food=bacon, holiday=christmas. Every motive will have the logo incorporated, to make the rewind design more unique, and also easier to spot fellow Rewinders in the public.
In addition when you buy a T-shirt you won't get it in a boring old shopping bag, instead you'll get your very own original Rewind-VHS-packaging.