Inktober 2018
My ink pen drawings for the Inktober 2018 challenge.
Day 1: Poisonous - a poisonous tree.
Day 2: Tranquil - a dog enjoying the scent of flowers.
Day 3: Roasted - a fire girl that will definitely leave you... "roasted".
Day 4: Spell - an evil witch is trying an unusual spell that requires a tail of a cat and an eye of a bird to make herself beautiful (don't worry, the cat and the bird will have their revenge on day 19).
Day 5: Chicken - someone is not enjoying their bomb eggs.
Day 6: Drooling - a hungry dinosaur.
Day 7: Exhausted - an elf sleeping peacefully.
Day 8: Star - a girl and her new friend, "Dragonstar".
Day 9: Precious - a fan art of Gollum. Of course.
Day 10: Flowing - a "messy" waterfall.
Day 11: Cruel - a girl being brainwashed ~ or a fearsome boss with psychic powers...? hmm..
Day 12: Whale - a mermaid riding her friendly whale.
Day 13: Guarded - either a robot hiding his heart on a chest or a robot taking a heart from a chest. It all depends on how you want to see it ;)
Day 14: Clock - a fan art of Alice: Madness Returns's White Rabbit.
Day 15: Weak - even when we're feeling weak and everything around is dying, there's always a light to shine the path. Keep going and don't let anything bring you down.
Day 16: Angular - a drawing more focused in triangular shapes.
Day 17: Swollen - a dog that ate some bees and got swollen XD
Day 18: Bottle - a pirate enjoying his rum.
Day 19: Scorched - as promised, the animals on day 4 got their revenge against the wicked witch.
Day 20: Breakable - a loosen up drawing, more conceptual and focused on the human fragility.
Day 21: Drain - a vampire wondering who her next target is going to be XD
Day 22: Expensive.
Day 23: Muddy - a pig being fabulous even if he's "muddy" <3
Day 24: Chop - Pumpkin Chef/Butcher is ready to make some... Dinner. Hm, for some reason I can't trust that meat! He seems to be such a "nice" guy, though! ;)
Day 25: Prickly - a prickly dragon/snake.
Day 26: Stretch - A cute "dino-dog" puppy stretching his legs.
Day 27: Thunder - The creature behind the thunder.
Day 28: Gift - a monster excited with his Christmas gift.
Day 29: Double - when darkness wants to take control.
Day 30: Jolt - Frankenstein fan art.
Day 31: Slice - Half girl, half robot. Yes, I took the theme a bit too far, haha.
Thank you for watching!
Inktober 2018

Inktober 2018

My ink pen drawings for the Inktober 2018 challenge.