The Salty Avocado is a children's book about a truly rotten fruit who finds redemption in the healing power of raspberry hugs. This book is for kids who like big colors and catchy words, but it's also for parents who end up reading the same story every single night. (This is every parent.) 

The Salty Avocado wasn't always so salty, in fact, he used to be one of the more popular members of his home in the fridge. Then one day, an accident changed him. It wasn't his fault, but after that day Avocado's mood turned dark and there wasn't anything any of his food friends could do. Little by little the other foods desserted (get it?) him. Soon he was all alone and liked it that way. Can anything change Avocado back to his gregarious self? With whimsical rhymes and rousing illustrations, The Salty Avocado teaches the value of friendship in the face of adversity.  

Aaron Cohen wrote the story, and I illustrated it. We're currently using Kickstarter to produce the book, you can check it out at

Special thanks to Josh Lafayette for his incredible voiceover work for the campaign video.