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    A series of fantasy montage pictures and designs conceived to be my personal brand.
Find the Fox poster logo.

Intentionaly conceived to be my personal brand. For some reason I've always been fond of foxes, it was my fauvorite animal as a child, and my preferred logo as an adult. I never agreed with the malicious role this animal plays in traditional children stories and cartoons. I always perceived this beautiful misunderstood creature as a smarter version of a cuddly dog, and always dreamed of having a fox as a pet. And although I ended having a Beagle dog instead, which I love just as much, finally on March 2011 National Geographic confirmed what I had always though about foxes on the article "Designing the Perfect Pet". Now as a grown up I would never take a will animal out of its natural enviroment to be locked up as my pet, but I'll confess that up to this day I still have a few stuffed toy foxes.

So Find the Fox is a my own way of saying: find the uniqueness inside you, your inner fox.
Arctic white foxes getting ready to take the dog for a walk.

These pictures were taken during my last year of college, some years before my Find the Fox brand, but following my fox-passion I've decided including this short series of fantasy montage photos, which I believe were an early subconcious expression of what Find the Fox means to me.

The Beagle dog in the picture is my own.
This is the first desing version of Find the Fox, cleaner and more geometrical,
conceived to be displayed in a size A3.
Fennec foxes checking a Tolkien Bestiary.
Foxes playing, and cheating, at poker.