Set, Props & Costume
A Real-Time Generative Installation Performance Of Electrical Activity In The Musician’s Brain!
dastrioOuchhh x Ars Electronica
Direction_Design_Animation_Coding: Ouchhh 
Bernhard Metz – Violin 
Manuel Von Der Nahmer – Violoncello 
Suyang Kim – Piano
Ouchhh created a cognitive performance that we generated real-time brain waves at the Deep Space with the South Korean/German trio. At a concert which we visualized the changes in brain wave activities in real-time, we transformed the Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma brain waves into a real-time concert experience that is wrapped around by generating the data about emotion, focus & attention, some auditory and neural mechanisms with electroencephalogram (EEG).

What if the matter is nothing but notes coming out of a vibrating string?
According to superstring theory, all matter in the world is made up of one thing: vibrating infinitesimal strings. These strings, which vibrate at different resonances, bring everything into existence in the known universe. Matter consists of small strings. When these strings are pulled in a certain way – just like a violin or guitar string – they create a frequency. Therefore, the pitches/notes occur. We have become aware of the existence of the little notes that these superstrings create, and we realized that the universe is a symphony, and all the physical laws of the universe fit these superstrings.

Ouchhh took inspiration from the notes that exist in the universe while micro-strings vibrate (Subatomic Particles) in real time and define the melodies created by the notes as “Matter” and symphonies of these melodies as “Universe”. With dastrio, Ouchhh took 11 dimensions in abstract directions in super grade gravity theory and move them beyond space in real time. The dimensions captured intuitively in living space will constantly change and turn into reality.

Photo Credit: Ars Electronica
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