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Parcours 2016/17 — Print
Parcours 2016 / 17
Parcours is the biannual graduate exhibition at the Münster School of Design —
designed, implemented and organised by a team of students.
The exhibition catalogue is an important part of parcours, representing the look
and feel of the exhibition as well as the graduates and their projects.
Binding: Japanese unsewn
Cover: The kiss 250 g/m²
Content: Opakal 60 g/m²
Print: Druckerei Kettler
Idea, concept, design, implementation 2016/17: Rabea Lipke, Franziska Baxpöhler, Saskia Willenbrock, Paul Eslage, Rike Neuhoff, Pascal Reckel, Lukas Walbaum, Tobias Kaiser, Adrian Szymanski, Sarah Stemmler and Konstantin Schulze.
Project responsibility: Prof. Rüdiger Quass of Deyen

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Parcours 2016/17 — Print

Parcours 2016/17 — Print

Editorial Design and prints for Parcours 2016/17 — The biannual graduate exhibtion at Münster School of Design