Defining the Community till 2030!

We are introducing Technogym Plus, a unique solution for a future community that craves for social connections in an interactive and extremely personalized way. By launching this service, Technogym will have the opportunity to connect with millennials from around the world, a new segment of consumers that is willing to spend more money on services than previous generations. Millennials are not very loyal to brands, as they prefer to be driven by emotional needs and experiences. Technogym must cater their behaviors and expectations through branding, marketing, and community-driven strategies. Other brands, like Nike and Adidas, are currently launching different strategies focused on building community; however, they are doing it through social responsibility and local events. Technogym Plus, instead, has been designed as a commercial and automated service that fulfills the needs of a highly demanding audience on social media, expecting to use the internet as a channel to live amazing experiences.
Target customer - Final consumer

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Technogym - Defining the Community