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    My 1965 Red Truck.
Christina & Red Truck
Spring has Sprung 2013
Picking up 2500 HEALDSBURG GALLERY GUIDES at the printer.
My son Joel and RED TRUCK 2012
My only mode of transportation is a 1965 FORD F100 pick up truck. My Red Truck. I took this photo with my iPhone after walking out of the service station convenience store. The vision was so striking... I was able to lie down on my stomach in the bushes to get this shot. A hint of photoshop Diffuse Glow & Grain and "VIOLA!".

The following are photos I have taken of my truck or from inside the cabin.
My Red Truck

A little Brightness & Contrast & Texture.
 Sketching in the vineyard for a client.
Found a friend one day and parked next to her.
She's laughing because we're driving the same truck and I'm waving my iPhone at her.
This is Felix the llama. He lives at the winery where I live. This scene is right out my front door.
Both stopped at a stop light. I think this is his bike and his home.

(I was having an art exhibit at this winery in their gardens)
Abandoned Van.
Parked next to my client's Maserati.
Sunlight at noon coming straight down.
Shadow at parking plumb-line.
I designed the Truett Hurst logo so I parked by it.
Joe Fay. Great Painter and Artist.
Visiting client. Old Vine Zinfandel.
Where I park at my garage apartment. In wine country.
Sketching in vineyards in winter.
111,111.1 miles and 46 years old.
At Nalle Vineyards. Client of 25+ years.
Standing Leaf.
I'm moving fast when I take these. In some you can see me holding up my iPhone.
People always honk and wave to the RED TRUCK!
(every day!)
Hey Mister! Would you take a photo of us in your RED TRUCK?
I was waiting for a friend to pick me up in front of my gallery. I did a quick
10-minute sketch, then photo-shopped some spot colors.
The computer is an extension of drawing for me.

Just another utensil.

Thanks for touring with me & My Red Truck.

I hope there was enough artistry in this ride for your indulgence.