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    There are always sounds around world.
There are always sounds around world

We many think about shape of product and system

But we not think about sound.

This project began with the studying of sound.
Sound is different, according to the behavior.
During the many sound, I'm concentrated the nutcracker.
There are many products of Nutcracker. But, Everything is product about usability.
Before it is sounding of 'Bang', 
If i create the anything sound. How about it?
I found a funny sound according to research.
This is the prototype model of iron bead. And experiment model 1,2.
This sound is found it.
1. The sound is most important but usability is important, too
2. You should easily open walnuts.
3. I wanted to make the simple shape.
4. It should be able to hold with one hand And to minimize the waste.
Sound is all around us.
    If you listen more closely, you can hear the variety sound.