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"Tiens Bon Chérie" is the second collection of art prints by 200pt.
Our second collection of art prints was inspired by motivational posters people used to hang in 1980's corporate offices; the "Hang In There Baby!" poster (roughly translated "Tiens bon-chérie!" in French) being the most popular. Our intent was to elevate this genre of kitsch posters; making them more aesthetically elegant by combining Victorian-era French patterns with modern typography and more conceptually visceral by changing the content (most of which came from a book about a 19th century, U.S. type foundry called "MacKellar, Smith's & Jordan" that was written by Doug Clouse and published by Oak Knoll Press). 
Whether in your living room, bedroom, in your studio or cubicle; we hope that these posters will inspire you to find light amidst the darkness, to imagine, create, and just keep plugging away. 
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