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In my art, I explore my heritage. I navigate my own coming-of-age. I examine the intricacies of the modern world around me, and how our immersion in technology has both positively and negatively impacted our daily lives and routines.
Through my art, I behold a broader view of the world I live in.
Greetings from Back in Time: Mixed media on altered book. 9"x12". 2018.
Me, Space, and Time: Acrylic on board. 20"x16". 2017.
News: Charcoal and collage on paper. 17"x14". 2017.
Guacakristie: Chalk pastel on toned paper. 15"x20". 2017.
Monarchy: Charcoal on toned paper. 25"x20". 2016.
Hey Siri: Acrylic on canvas. 16"x20". 2018.
Homage to Frida Kahlo: Mixed media on board. 16"x20". 2018.
HeritageOil on canvas. 28"x18". 2014.

Ocean Dip (and detail): Acrylic on canvas. 20"x16". 2017.
OK, Google: Acrylic on canvas panel. 18"x14". 2017.
The Consumer: Acrylic and collage on board. 16"x20". 2018.
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Kristie Huang: Art Portfolio

Kristie Huang: Art Portfolio


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