72 bian - installation connecting travellers to local

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  • 72-bian is a project offering tourist in china a new angle to discover, understand the human culture and society structure, which no more limitation by tourist language difference.
    The original phase of “72-bian” comes from a classical Chinese epic novel “Journey to West”, Monkey King (Chinese called: Sun Wukong) knows 72 transformations (Chinese known as: bian), which allows him to transform into various animals and objects depending on different situation. 
    With 1.33 billion people, China today remains the world’s most populous country and people try hard to adapt themselves to the complex society.
    The Social forces 72-bian (Chinese characteristics) 
    In Shanghai Observation deck, 72-bian touch screen, through selecting their life preference and habits, offering tourists a golden opportunity to explore their possible Chinese ID. Participants may receive a totem chop which represents their own 72-bian.


    Concept and idea:        futuretenselabArt direction and UX:    futuretenselab
    Seed Chen
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