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Omegaray - Etna (Official Music Video)

Αίτνα / Etna

Etna is an animated music video for the Greek band Omegaray.

We tried to compose a story that would have a flow similar to that of a volcano. Although the volcano is an apparent component of the video, we wanted to achieve a steady flux of elements filling our screen, like lava flowing all over the place.

Apart from the volcano we can see the shapes of a man and a woman who seem to interact, leading to the "explosion" which co-occurs with the alteration of the intensity of the music. The explosion is also highlighted by the entrance of colours into the composition. 

Direction, Animation & Illustration: DaDive Studio

The Band :
George Karanikolas - guitar/voice
Stefanos Flotsios - guitar/voice
Mono Kaktos - percussion/voice
Kostas Loukopoulos - percussion/voice

Channels :

When you lean aside and forget my name
with gritted teeth you caress my back
You’re probably looking for the way that the others know,
with an abrupt way you suck my head
And you water the soil with the wall’s sorrow
and you slip inside, into the echo-mania
There is no forgotten oracle for you,
the beginning of your beginning is reading you from the end
When you see how the trap staged by the precision of the world is,
engraved on the ground
Then you feel that you don’t need it anymore,
like a monkey stuck on your right armpit
And joy overflows the virtuous circle
and waters your land with alkaline germ
Now you know how the feasts of people are
now you know nature, now there is no life to stop you

Omegaray - Etna (Official Music Video)

Omegaray - Etna (Official Music Video)

Animated music video for the song "Etna" by Omegaray