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This project was born from an invitation of the Surf City Festival. It is an international festival that takes place in Barcelona, recognised by uniting in a single event the urban culture and the cult of the surf.


The artistic request was a special graphic piece for the festival.

The concept defined is called Make Waves, a collection of special posters that replicate the process of building a surfboard.

Graphically the posters explore the perception of the sea waves in several compositions which juxtapose color and form.

To shape the posters, a professional surfboard shaper was invited to create a series of structured casts that allowed him to shape each poster with different wave forms and volumes, transforming a graphic piece usually flat into a poster with three-dimensional waves.

37grs Silk Paper / UV Printing / Fiberglass coating
A formal piece of Design and the spirit of Surf together in a singular and human representation of the sea.
Surf. A disturbance of the rules.
A moving Swell to the joy of the city.

Thanks to Surf City Festival


PRO Shaper - Pedro Vieira / Feelflows
Video Director - Le-Joy
Surfer Photography by Le-Joy
Gallery Photography by NUMO / Nuno Moreira

Special Thanks:
Filipe Dams
Júlio Martins & João Petiz
Silvia Antunes
José Lucas & Joana Vieira Vasconcelos
Sandro Carvalho & Florentino Carvalho
Cassiano Ferraz

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