Catering in the workplace
Catering in the workplace
When you say the word “caterer” many people think of weddings, parties and other social gatherings. But caterers also serve another important clientele: business and corporations. Catered meetings are becoming increasingly popular, but this is just one example of how catering is utilized in the workplace.

Many companies use caterers for a variety of activities. Lunch and learns are an effective way of getting your product known. For business to business sales, lunch and learns are often utilized to get a product known. At a lunch and learn, a company provides lunches for the staff of a potential buyer. This allows a company to sell their product during the potential buyer’s lunch time, which is both beneficial to the buyer and seller. The seller gets time to showcase their product, and the potential buyer can use their lunch time more efficiently (employees are usually more than happy to listen to a sales pitch when a gourmet box lunch is provided!)

Having lunch provided for employees is of great benefit to an employer. Some employees–such as receptionists–often don’t get enough time to go out and find a meal during their short lunch break. Providing lunch for these key positions ensures they get a filling, healthy meal. Employers have also found that providing lunch at the workplace drastically cuts down on employees returning from their lunch break late or not returning at all. Providing a few party platters for the crew is a cost-effective way to solve this problem. When lunch is provided, workers do not have to go find food (which can be especially hard for those with dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan) and don’t have to waste time finding a parking spot once they get back!
But lunch isn’t the only service provided by caterers. Many caterers provide gift baskets, desserts and other goodies as well. A gift basket can be a great incentive to go the extra mile. Many companies give a gift basket full of cookies or goodies to reward their Employee of the Month, Top Sales Team, or even as a reward for achieving a predetermined goal. This creates a more productive workplace and allows employees to have fun and feel appreciated for their hard work.

There are many occasions for calling on a catering company in the workplace. Whether showcasing your product or thanking your crew with a platter of sandwiches and salads, utilizing the services of a caterer can be a smart business move. Many caterers, such as Ingallina’s Box Lunch — with free delivery in the Seattle, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Phoenix metro areas — offer a wide variety of box lunches, party platters, gifts, and holiday treats, thus providing businesses with a great opportunity to make employees feel appreciated while boosting productivity.

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Catering in the workplace

Catering in the workplace

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