Office Building Kennedy-Wisconsin

Our team decided to make a beautiful visualization based on photos by Marcos Mendizabal. We were inspired by the unusual design of the building and made sure to recreate it in accordance with the reference material as closely as possible. Our objective was to not exactly replicate the surrounding environment, but to bring some of our own ideas and creativity into the visualization process. We create projects like this for our enjoyment and, of course, experience, which we then can apply to our commercial projects.

Location: Vitacura, RM, Chile
Architects: Alemparte-Morelli y Asociados Arquitectos
Inspired by Marcos Mendizábal photos
Art Direction, Lighting, Post Processing: Dmitriy Tereshchuk
3D Modeling: Anton Galushko
Soft: 3dsmax, Coronarenderer, Photoshop
Oсtober 2018

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