Photoshop Tutorial: Facebook Cover Christmas Design
Photoshop Tutorial: 
Facebook Cover for Christmas
Hey guys, I recently re-launched a bundle for Christmas called Rudolph. It's a Scene Creator or Generator. It's full of objects and elements to create amazing and beautiful Christmas scenes. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to use some free resources together with some elements that Rudolph contains, at the end of the tutorial you'll be able to download the resultant file. I hope it will be of great help to you, leave me a comment if you liked it. At the end of this post there is a video tutorial ;)

Let's get started:

The first thing to do is to download the files I mentioned in the requirements.
Felt texture background

Open Photoshop.

Create a new 500px x 500px document to create a Felt Pattern with the texture we downloaded.
Felt Pattern Size
Go to menu File / Place Embedded (or drag the texture file to the document) look for the texture we recently downloaded.
Go to the menu Edit / Define Pattern... and write a new name for the texture in my case I have placed "Felt Pattern". 
Creating Facebook Cover
We created a new document with the following measurements: 851px x 315px (1702px x 630px Retina Display)  
851px x 315px (1702px x 630px Retina Display)  
I'm going to create a Background folder and we'll add 3 Layers in there, the first one is the Felt Pattern -which I've named "Felt Pattern"-.
The second layer I will add to Background Folder is a Hue/Saturation with a Lightness: -37
The third layer inside the Background folder is a Solid Color #3db51 and I have set the Blending Mode to Overlay

That's it! We already have the background and your Layers Panel should look like this: 

We create a folder and name it "Shadows", inside we are going to add 4 Radials Gradients, with the following configuration: Style: Radial, Angle: 45º, Scale: 100%, Color: #000000 - #000000, Opacity: 35% - 0%
We locate where we want the Shadows and we will set them in the following way:

- Blending Mode: Linear Burn
- Opacity: 35%.
Dispersion Brush

Now I have a folder called Dispersion Brush, inside I am going to add an empty layer -name it Dispersion- and since you have installed the Dispersion Brush that I mentioned in the Requirements, we continue to paint over the empty layer, so select Brush Tool (B), look for the Dispersion Brushes 1 folder and select the brush you like the most. 
Now over that layer "Dispersion" we make double click to enter the styles of the layer and we will add the following styles: 
Bevel & Emboss Setting
Activate the Overlay Color and assign a Yellow color #f0ca6d 
Color Overlay Setting
Activate two shadows
Well, since we've applied all these styles to it, your design should look like this.

Now comes the beauty of this scene, let's look for the Isolated Objects and drag them to our scene, if you want you can add them all at once or you configure one by one, I like the second way, so the first thing I add will be the Gift Box:  
I'm going to reduce the size of the object and rotate it a little.
Same procedure for Nosegay
The next thing to do is to select the Pine Branch, we transform it a little reduce its size and copy it 3 times in the scene.
Once transformed and placed I will apply a style of shadows to the layers of the Pine Branch with the following setup: Opacity: 47%, Angle: -14º, Distance: 83px, Size: 43px.
We only need 3 elements, a grey frosty ball, 4 small balls, and the Label Tag Mockup to add your own design. 
Let's add the grey ball to the scene, transform it like the other objects reducing its size a little and placing it in the scene.

And to give it a more realistic touch we are going to highlight a little more the light reflection that it has, so we open the styles window and apply the following setup.

Activate Gradient Overlay with Blend Mode: Overlay, Opacity: 75%, Gradient Color: White, Gradient Opacity: 100% - 0%, Style: Radial, Scale: 93%.
Let's add now the Small Gold Ornaments, these are much smaller and we apply an Inner Shadow, to give it more realism. Open the styles window and let's set the Inner Shadow this way: Color: #000000, Blend Mode: Multiply, Angle: 180º, Size: 13px. We copy that style and paste it to the rest of Small-Gold-Ornament.
Label Tag Mockup

Well I hope you have downloaded the Label Tag Mockup. because it is the element where we will place our design offer. 

Open the file Label Tag PSD MockUp 2.psd in Photoshop, go to the Layers Panel and select the folder called Tag 1, with the tool to move objects (V) you will drag that Label Tag to our scene, as I like to have the layers in order I added it to a folder I called "Tag Mockup".    
Editing the Label Tag Mockup

Open the folder Tag 1 and how it says the layer that is marked with red "Your design here (double-click on the layer thumbnail)" then make a double-click on the thumbnail of the layer. Add your design to the Placeholder folder, save and close that document.
We have finished our Facebook Cover for Christmas Offer, in Rudolph Christmas Scene Creator there are many more elements you can add to this design, I invite you to meet it and if you like how it looks give me a comment. 
Photoshop Tutorial: Facebook Cover Christmas Design

Photoshop Tutorial: Facebook Cover Christmas Design

Hey guys, I recently re-launched a bundle for Christmas called Rudolph. It's a Scene Creator or Generator. It's packed with objects and elements Read more


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