This Stacks Vertically
A series of five illustrated panels and text narrating the story of a dystopian earth with no space. As a result, each layer is mankind's attempt at reclaiming humanity after lifetimes of industrialization and building.

The story follows a young child's adventure on the Hoist as he traverses the different tiers of the world from the bottom to the top and uncovers an unearthly secret about society's latest attempt at rebuilding civilization. 
This idea began as a joke in studio on a scrap piece of trace paper while we were trying to kill time. It was a sketch of the Freedom Tower in New York and a ground line going through it. "What happens when the city runs out of space? The world?" When there is no where left to build, the only space left is up. From there, This Stacks Vertically became our homage to paper project studios and speculations of the future - from Superstudio's Continuous Monument to Rem Koolhaas's Delirious New York.