Paypal - Ubiquity
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On this job I had the opportunity to work with the team at Run Kick Shout who had also teamed up with Calabash Animation to create a series of fun, character-centric vignette style animations that let people know how widely accepted PayPal is.
The production presented many design and technical challenges during its two month timeline. The base tool we used for 3D animation was C4D, which isn't known for its robust crowd sim features. We all put our heads together on smart ways to build up a crowd animation using the native tools inside C4D with the help of a bit of Xpresso to help create simple rigs that allowed us to systematically generate unique iterations of different characters. We also leaned on Redshift and its ability to randomly assign various textures to shade each of those unique character rigs with various textures and colors, further helping to sell the crowd effect without having hundreds of 
materials to manage.

We developed Xpresso rigs for the split-flap style tickers that easily allowed for updates to numbers and adjustment to speed and duration of flip animation. Something that seemed simple in concept but proved to be challenging, especially since the numbers had to exist on their own without a background card to hide the other numbers behind itself. So geometry needed to be dynamically turned on and off based on its degree of rotation so it would turn off when facing away and turn back on once it comes back around.

We also had to make sure the compositions worked for all the hip social platforms like Snapchat, Insta, and FB. So we rendered everything at an over-sized resolution of 2500x2500 and made crops from there for all the various resolutions and aspect ratios required for the various social platforms.


Client: PayPal
Agency: Walrus
Campaign: Ubiquity
Design & Character Animation: Calabash Animation
Animation, Lighting & Rendering: Run, Kick, Shout!
Directors: Wayne Brejcha
Creative Directors:  Erik Jensen, Nick Hopkins
Executive Producer: Sean Henry
Production Manager: Diane Grider

Lead Animator: Jeff Mika
Animation: Nick Hopkins, Erik Jensen, Brody Davis, John Filipkowski
Character Animation: Jeff Mika, Jimmy Wasion,
Nick Oropeza, Levi Ames, Sydney Leining, Nathan Tungseth, Kristen Rhee, Corey Stisser,
David Brancato
Lighting & Rendering: Nick Hopkins, Erik Jensen

Paypal - Ubiquity

Paypal - Ubiquity

Paypal ubiquity - character animation driven campaign vignettes done in Cinema 4D using Redshift and composited in After Effects


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Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
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